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Angry Birds Seasons V5.3.2 Mod Apk [amansoftech]

Angry Birds Seasons V5.3.2 Mod Apk [amansoftech]
Join the Angry Birds as they celebrate unique seasonal events from around the world! Enjoy the addictive physics-based gameplay you love, but with an exciting twist. For the latest update, THEY CAME FROM OUTER SPACE – it’s Invasion of the Egg Snatchers! LATEST EPISODE: Invasion of the Egg Snatchers It’s all aliens, monsters, and mystery in 30 brand new levels of pig popping goodness peppered with plenty of campy B movie flair. Use the new Telebird to teleport through solid objects and pop those otherworldly piggies – wherever they may be hiding. Also, give the powerups a trial run in the power-up test range – just remember to wear eye protection. With over 2 billion downloads, Angry Birds is the most popular mobile game series of all time. Join the global phenomenon!
In addition to the Invasion of the Egg Snatchers, download and enjoy:
  • 23 THEMED EPISODES (plus cool bonus stuff)!
  • 700+ LEVELS of pig-popping action!
  • UNIQUE POWER-UPS that give you the edge in tricky levels!
  • PIG DAYS! Super special one-off levels that pay tribute to global events and holidays!
What’s New
  • Angry Birds Seasons celebrates its 5th birthday with the biggest update yet!
  • NEW EPISODE – Invasion of the Egg Snatchers! 30 new levels with a kooky B movie vibe.
  • NEW BIRD! Telebird teleports through solid objects to pop those hard-to-reach pigs.
  • NEW HATS! Dress your flock in zany costumes.
  • NEW PIG DAYS! Celebrate the most important days of the year.
              Angry Birds Seasons Mod APK

Angry Birds Seasons Original Apk

Pocket File Manager v5.2.1.0 Cracked Windows Phone XAP[amansoftech]

Pocket File Manager v5.2.1.0 Cracked Windows Phone XAP[amansoftech]
  • Full access to Phone and SD Card. Now you can store any files in those locations and retrieve them by connecting to PC.
  • Full featured FTP Server. Supports active and passive connections. Supports authentication.
  • Downloader with resume and scheduler. Automatically detects Youtube url and allows to download video file.
  • File browser.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste operations for files and folders
  • SkyDrive,Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, Box, Google Drive, support
  • Send files by Bluetooth
  • Send file by Email
  • Share by HTTP with NFC support
  • Supports extracting from rar,zip,tar,gz,7z formats
  • Compressing files and folders into .zip file
  • Save music into media library and set music as ringtone
  • Open and view movie files (supported formats are depend on Windows phone supported formats)
  • Open file in phone. If supported applications are exist
  • Receive archive files from mail, browser and any application which can open it in phone.
  • Run under lock screen

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted v1.0.2 Cracked IPA [amansoftech]

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted v1.0.2 Cracked IPA [amansoftech]

Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life. Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted?
Note: Due to its revved-up graphics and gameplay, you’ll need 1.8GB of free space on your device in order to install this game.
Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile.
Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition.
Choose and customize over 40 unique cars .Race the way you want! By popular demand you can now touch or tilt to steer .Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style .Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage
Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars

What’s New in Version 1.0.2

UPDATE NOW FOR MORE CARS AND NEW EVENTS! Think you can handle even more trouble? Boost your car collection and your wanted level with some brand new rides that will help you move up the Most Wanted list.

WinRAR 5.20 Final (x86/x64) Incl. Key [amansoftech]

WinRAR 5.20 Final (x86/x64) Incl. Key [amansoftech]

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files can. WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression. By consistently creating smaller archives, WinRAR is often faster than the competition. This will save you disc space, transmission costs AND valuable working time as well. WinRAR is ideal for multimedia files. WinRAR automatically recognizes and selects the best compression method. The special compression algorithm compresses multimedia files, executables and object libraries

- Using WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression by consistently making smaller archives than the competition, saving disk space and transmission costs.
- WinRAR provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.
- WinRAR offers a graphic interactive interface utilizing mouse and menus as well as the command line interface.
- WinRAR is easier to use than many other archivers with the inclusion of a special "Wizard" mode which allows instant access to the basic archiving functions through a simple question and answer procedure. This avoids confusion in the early stages of use.
- WinRAR offers you the benefit of industry strength archive encryption using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key of 128 bits.
- WinRAR supports files and archives up to 8,589 billion gigabytes in size. The number of archived files is, for all practical purposes, unlimited.
- WinRAR offers the ability to create selfextracting and multivolume archives.
Recovery record and recovery volumes allow to reconstruct even physically damaged archives.
- WinRAR features are constantly being developed to keep WinRAR ahead of the pack.

What's New :
Version 5.20

1. If Windows User Account Control prevents extracting or archiving
commands to create files in system protected folders, WinRAR attempts
to start its another copy with administrator privileges to complete
the operation. It is necessary to confirm privileges elevation
in response to User Account Control prompt to allow such second
WinRAR copy to run.

2. You can drag files in Explorer with right mouse button, drop them
to some folder and select WinRAR archiving commands in context menu
to create an archive with these files in the destination folder.

3. It is possible to use WinRAR.ini file instead of Registry to store
WinRAR settings. You may prefer such approach if you plan to install
WinRAR to removable media, such as USB flash drive, and then run it
on different computers.

See "WinRAR.ini file" topic in "Configuration settings" chapter
of WinRAR help for details.

4. Added extraction support for ZIP and ZIPX archives using
XZ compression algorithm.

5. If ZIP or ZIPX archive contains any compression algorithms except
usual "Store" or "Deflate", algorithm names are displayed
in "Version to extract" field of archive information dialog.
Algorithms with names unknown to WinRAR will be assigned "m"
name, where "num" is a compression algorithm numeric identifier.

6. "Open with WinRAR" command is available in Windows context menus
for archive formats supported by WinRAR. It can be turned off
with "Open with WinRAR (for usual archives)" option in WinRAR
"Settings/Integration/Context menu items..." dialog.

7. Command line RAR can read the default set of switches from rar.ini
file stored in RAR program folder. Previously it was possible to
define only the same set of switches for all RAR command with
"switches=" string. Now rar.ini also allows to specify
separate switch sets for individual RAR commands using
the following syntax:


For example:

switches_a=-m5 -s

8. Command "ch" supports switches -tl, -cu, -cl also for ZIP archives.
Previously "ch" allowed these switches only for RAR archive format.

9. For archive formats lacking file time information, such as .bz2,
.xz and .Z, WinRAR sets container archive modification time
to extracted files. It does not apply to tar.bz2, tar.xz and tar.Z,
which use file time stored in tar headers.

10. "Keep broken files" extraction option is supported for bzip2 archives.

11. WinRAR icon in Windows context menus is scaled up correctly
in high DPI screen modes such as 150% or 200% of normal text size.

12. It is possible to disable WinRAR "Benchmark" command with
"Benchmark" variable of HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinRAR\Policy
Registry key. In multi-user environment "Benchmark" command might
abuse shared computational resources. See "Registry variables" topic
in "Configuration settings" chapter of WinRAR help for more details.

13. Additionally to "sfxcmd" variable containing the entire command line,
SFX module sets "sfxpar" variable containing command line parameters
only, without leading SFX module name. These variables are set before
starting a program specified in "Setup" command.

14. File overwrite prompt in console RAR displays the size and modification
time for existing and new files.

15. When archiving from stdin with -si switch, RAR sets the current system
time to modification time of archived file. Previous version did not
set this time at all.

16. It is possible to use -si and -v switches together. Previous
versions did not allow to create volumes when archiving from stdin.

17. Warning is issued when starting unpacking 4 GB or larger file
from RAR or ZIP archive to FAT32 patition, so user may cancel
the operation. FAT32 does not support files of such size.

Also this warning is issued when starting to create RAR archive
with "Store" (-m0) method if estimated archive size is 4 GB or more.

18. "Select all" button in "Settings/Integration" dialog is renamed to
"Toggle all". Now it deselects archive formats if all they are
already selected.

19. "Delete archive" extraction option correctly removes all .zip and .7z
volumes. Previously it removed only the first volume in the set
for these archive formats.

Install Notes:
1] Install the program
2] After Installation, DO NOT Run it!
3] Copy "rarreg.key" from 'Key' folder to default install directory
4] Done, Enjoy ;)

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 6.6 Final Incl. Keys[amansoftech]

ZD Soft Screen Recorder 6.6 Final Incl. Keys[amansoftech]
ZD Soft Screen Recorder is a handy and comprehensive application which captures what you see on screen and what you hear or say. It is usually used to create software demos, capture streaming videos and record game plays.

You can save your recordings and screen captures to various video and image formats, then you can add a watermark to the output files.

*Real-time video compression enables unlimited recording length.
*Arbitrary video resolutions and frame rates are supported.
*Smooth screen recording without lagging your system.
*Fully optimized for modern dual/quad-core CPUs.
*Both AVI and WMV output formats are supported.
*Perfect audio/video synchronization.
*Capable of pausing/resuming a recording by hitting a hotkey at any time.
*Capable of starting/stopping a recording automatically by a scheduled timer.
*Capable of capturing OpenGL, DirectDraw, Direct3D 8/9/10/11 rendered screen content.
*Capable of capturing multiple audio sources at the same time, e.g., both speaker and microphone.
*Capable of capturing what you hear even if no "Stereo Mix" is available.
*Capable of capturing screenshots by a hotkey.

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit
- Intel/AMD Dual-Core 1.5GHz or faster CPU
- 1GB or more RAM
- 10GB or more free disk space
- Windows Media Player 9 or higher version

What's New in Version 6.6:
(June 5th, 2014)
- Added support to capture 64-bit Windows programs.
- Fixed some bugs.

Farm Heroes Saga v2.36.8 Mod APK[amansoftech]

Farm Heroes Saga v2.36.8 Mod APK[amansoftech]
From the makers of the hit game Candy Crush Saga, comes Farm Heroes Saga!
Switch and match the collectable cropsies in this fantastic adventure. Join forces with the Farm Heroes to stop Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling the precious farm lands. Switch and match three or more adorable cropsies to drive Rancid away for good! A farmtastic adventure filled with mixed fruit madness! Scrummy!
Play through hundreds of levels of strawberry switching, carrot crunching chaos to help our Farm Heroes save the day!
  • Gather all kinds of cropsies to win the level before you run out of moves.
  • Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
  • Acres of luscious levels to complete and marvelous magic beans to collect.
  • Take on your friends to compete for the best score and see who can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!
  • Rechargeable boosters, extra moves and special power-ups to help with those challenging levels.
Mod Info
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Infinite Boosters
How to Install
  1. Download the given APK
  2. Install normally
  3. Play
Happy Gaming!!!:-)

Get paid apps for free in Windows Phone[amansoftech]

Get paid apps for free in Windows Phone[amansoftech]

1. For WP 7.*
For this you will have to root your phone first. My fav custom ROM is Raptalian.
Here is a detailed guide on Rooting and installing custom ROM on your old Nokia Lumia

After that is done
Download and install WpAppPatcher
Application Description:
WPAppPatcher/WPAppSender is an application that creates a xap file from your application
installation by sending it to your pc so it can be patched to the full version and installed
again as a xap file without the need of using a credit card or Paypal.

Installation Instructions:
1) Extract “WPAppPatcher” to any location you want and launch the application.
2) Install “WPAppSender” on your Windows Phone (Open WPAppPatcher > Help > Install Client)(Install it using this menu option after which you will be able to install cracked apps).
3) Run “WPAppSender” on your Windows Phone and set your phone’s ip on your pc in “WPAppPatcher”.*
4) Now click on any application/game that you want to download and patch from your phone.
* Trust “WPAppSender” with “WP Root Tools” if the app crashes on start-up or no apps show up.
* If you are updating don’t forget to update both “WPAppPatcher” and “WPAppSender”
And thats it :)
You are done
Moving on
2. Windows phone 8
DOWNLoad the required apps XAP file
1. Turn your net on
2. Using PC transfer the file to your SD card
3. Remove the usb
4. Wait for 2 mins or more <3 mins
5. Then restart your phone 1-2 times if it doesn’t work
6. leave the phone alone for 10 minutes
7. After which open the store
8. Here you can find an option SD card or your phone memory.
9.Open the SD card and click on the XAP file you want to install.
10.Voila ! you have your paid app installed in your windows 8 Mobile.


XAP File



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